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      The Crime
            The effects of crime
            Get help
                  Words and meanings
                  Get help in your own language
            Types of crime
                  Family violence
                  Sexual assault
                  Homicide and manslaughter
            Reasons to report a crime
            How to report a crime
            Keeping safe
                  Safety Plans
                  Online safety
                  Intervention orders
                  Protection at court
                  Contact with the offender
            Your rights
      Police Investigation
            The investigation
            Making a statement
            Collecting evidence
            Getting information about the investigation
      Charges Laid
            Types of offences
            Laying charges
            Alternatives to court
      Going to Court
            Getting information about your court case
            Summons and subpoenas
            Types of courts
            Getting ready for court
            Giving evidence
                  Child Witness Service
            Victim Impact Statements
            The court's decision
            Compensation and financial assistance
                  Compensation from the offender
      After Court
            The Victims Register

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