Notice is given that an award of damages has been made to a former prisoner, Georghe Vasile Luhan, in a claim against a private prison in Victoria (the State). 

The award money, excluding legal costs and medical expenses, has been paid into the Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund (PCQF), where it will be held for an initial period of 12 months from 18 January 2017.

Creditors and victims in relation to criminal acts of Georghe Vasile Luhan are invited to seek further information from the Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation. To do so, please contact the Coordinator, Victims Register and PCQF, at Community Operations and Victims Support Agency on 1800 819 817.

The Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund

The Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund is one of the ways that victims of crime can get compensation from a prisoner for the pain and suffering they caused.

Find out more about the Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund.

The Victims of Crime Helpline

The Victorian Government’s Victims of Crime Helpline offers information, advice and support for people affected by crime. 

Contacting the helpline is the first step to get free services to help manage the effects of crime.



This notice is in accordance with section 104Y of the Corrections Act 1986