Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund

If an offender receives a compensation payment of $10,000 or more for an injury they experienced while they were in prison, victims can make a claim for some or all of this payment.

Victims can apply to be informed about compensation awarded to offenders

A victim can apply to be included on the Prisoner Compensation Quarantine Fund Register (the PCQF Register) so they can be informed in the rare case that compensation is awarded to the offender. 

If you are included on the Victims Register you do not need to apply for the PCQF Register as you will already receive this information.

For more information about the PCQF Register please read the Information Guide included in the application form or contact the Victims Register (1800 819 817).

How to apply

To apply to be included on the PCQF Register, please download, print and complete the form below.

Apply by post

Post the form in a sealed envelope to:
Registrar, Victims Register
GPO Box 4349
Melbourne VIC 3001

Apply by email

Email the form with the relevant attachments to: (External link)

If you are not sure whether to apply for the Victims Register or the PCQF Register, or need help completing the form, please call 1800 819 817 and ask to speak to the Victims Register.

We will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

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