The impact of going to court is different for everyone. After court you may experience a range of feelings and emotions and this is very normal.

Depending on the court's decision, this may result in a number of outcomes after court, such as:

  • an appeal may be lodged by the defendant against the decision or the sentence. The prosecution may also appeal against a sentence
  • the offender may be sentenced. The judge or magistrate must take into account a number of factors when deciding the sentence
  • the victim may be kept informed about the custodial status of the offender through the Victims Register
  • the victim may make a submission to the adult parole board to express their views on the parole of the offender.

You can also obtain access to court documents to reference exactly what happened in court.

Even after the court process is finished, you can still get information and support.

See Get help for details of the support services available after court.

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The offender may make an appeal against being found guilty or against the penalty.