How to seek help

If you or someone you are supporting needs help, you can call the Victims Legal Service Helpline on 1800 531 566 (External link) from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.

The Victims Legal Service Helpline is a specialist advice line that will provide:

  • legal information
  • legal advice
  • referrals.

The Helpline:

  • is available to all victims of crime that require legal advice on their Victim of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT) matter
  • can assist with making applications or enforcing orders for restitution and compensation from an offender.

You can also contact the Legal Help Chat via the Victoria Legal Aid website (External link) and click on Legal Help Chat at the bottom right-hand corner.

If you speak a language other than English, you can contact the Translating and Interpreting Service (External link) on 131 450 (External link) and ask to speak to Legal Help who will put you in touch with the Victims Legal Service Helpline.

The Victims Legal Service provides free legal advice and support to people who have suffered injury or loss because of a crime and need help to:

The Victims Legal Service is delivered in partnership by Victorian Legal Aid, Community Legal Centres and Aboriginal Legal Services.

The Victims Legal Service is not able to assist with all victim-related legal matters. This includes if you need legal support as a witness in a criminal trial, coronial matter or other civil process that does not relate to financial compensation through VOCAT or Restitution and Compensation Orders (RACOs).

If the Victims Legal Service is unable to assist you, staff will refer you to a service that may be able to provide the support you need.

Victims Legal Service Providers

If you need further legal assistance, the Victims Legal Service Helpline may refer you to one of the Victims Legal Service providers listed below for ongoing legal support.


Victims Legal Service Provider Victims Assistance Program Region
Djirra Statewide
Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service Statewide
Women's Legal Service Victoria Statewide
Eastern Community Legal Centre Eastern Metropolitan
SouthEast Monash Legal Service Southern Metropolitan
Inner Melbourne Community Legal  Western Metropolitan
Northern Community Legal Centre Northern Metropolitan
Gippsland Community Legal Service Gippsland
Ballarat and Grampians Community Legal Service Grampians and Barwon South Western
Mallee Family Care Community Legal Centre Loddon Mallee and Hume


If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander you may choose to be assisted by an Aboriginal Legal Service provider (including Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service or Djirra) or a mainstream service that is culturally safe (outlined in the above table).

Where else can I go for legal assistance?

If the Victims Legal Service is unable to assist you, you can also seek legal assistance from a Community Legal Centre not listed above or from a private lawyer. 

Find a community legal centre (External link)

Find a private lawyer (External link)

Where can I go for further support?

The Victims of Crime Helpline provides information, support and referrals to assist people to manage the effects of crime.

Call 1800 819 817 (External link)

Text 0427 767 891

Open 8am-11pm every day.