Online safety

Email and the internet may not be safe ways to communicate if you are concerned for your safety.

Smartphones and computers can store a lot of private information about:

  • what you look at on the internet
  • the emails and instant messages you send and receive
  • internet-based phone calls you make
  • online shopping and banking
  • many other activities.

There are many ways to monitor a person's technology use. If you think your phone, tablet, or computer is being monitored, try to use a device that no-one at home has direct or remote access to such as a friend's phone or public computer in a library.

Deleting your internet history

It's very hard to delete or clear all the 'footprints' of your online activities. If you are being monitored, it may be dangerous to change your behaviour suddenly, such as deleting your entire internet history if that's something you don't usually do.

Call us directly

Please call the Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817. If you think your phone use is being monitored, use a public phone or a friend's phone if possible.   

Remember too that email and instant messaging are not safe or confidential ways to talk to someone about any danger you may be feeling.

If you use email or instant messaging services, please use a safer computer and an account no one at home knows about.