There is a law in Victoria called the Victims’ Charter Act 2006. It states how criminal justice system services and victim support services should treat victims of crime.

For victims of violent crime in Victoria, you can expect:

  • access to assistance through the Victims of Crime Helpline, 8am to 11pm, every day of the year
  • access to support services to help you with the effects of violent crime
  • support throughout the court process
  • information about applying to be on the Victim’s Register, if this is relevant for you.

Providing feedback, complaints and compliments

We are committed to providing services in line with the Victims’ Charter principles and welcome any feedback about our services and staff. If you would like to provide feedback (a complaint, compliment or suggestion) about a Department of Justice and Community Safety victim support related service, you can contact the Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817 from 8 am to 11 pm, any day of the year.  

Victoria's Victims of Crime Commissioner

The Victims of Crime Commissioner aims to improve services and systems in government departments, victim service providers and the justice system to meet the needs of victims of crime.

If you want to report an issue with the justice system or a victims service provider that is likely to be ongoing and affect many victims of crime, you can visit the Victims of Crime Commissioner website (External link), or call the Victims of Crime Commissioner on 1800 010 017.